The ICCS Advantage

From preschool to high school, ICCS goes beyond the basics and provides specialized programs designed to give our students an advantage in preparing for the next educational level.  Individualized attention and a curriculum that challenges students to reach their full learning potential are the cornerstones of each specialty program. 

Spanish Intensity Classes

ICCS is one of the few Memphis-area schools offering Spanish intensity classes in preschool and elementary school.  Using music, interactive exercises, videos and games,  students as young as 3 years old, learn a second language at an age when studies show foreign language skills are most easily developed.

Our Spanish intensity classes lay the foundation for foreign language skills in middle and high school. By the time your child enters the sixth grade, he or she will have a firm grasp on a second language and will be poised to expand his or her Spanish language skills in our middle school Spanish program.

 Mindfulness Classes

At ICCS, we believe that to train a young person to be a fully capable student, it is essential to teach from a holistic approach, not just academic.  For this reason, we are one of the few Memphis-area schools to offer mindfulness classes. The mindfulness curriculum is a holistic learning approach that focuses on the social/emotional connection, enabling students to develop self-awareness, increase concentration with their studies and to become more enlightened to the needs and feelings of others. Classes are led by Mrs. Suzanne Martin, who received training in the mindfulness curriculum developed by Mindful Schools in Oakland, California and introduced the curriculum to ICCS in the 2012-13 school year. 


College Planning Program

College planning is at the forefront of an ICCS education.  From the moment they step onto our campus as freshmen, our high school students are immersed in college preparation activities that continue and intensify through their senior year.  The PLAN test, which helps predict success on the ACT, is offered in the freshman and sophomore years; sophomores and juniors have the opportunity to take the PSAT, a preliminary test for the SAT. Topics ranging from the impact of social media to college fairs are presented at the beginning of the high school experience to challenge students to begin early college planning and to consider the opportunities that await young women. Our College Counseling Office provides ICCS juniors with intense college training that includes workshops in resume writing and mock admission interviews with college representatives. As students approach their senior year, our College Counseling Office walks them through all phases of the college process.  Activities include application sessions with our Director of College Counseling and workshops on topics that include choosing a college major, selective college admission and financial aid. 

2016-17 College Planning Event Calendar

For more information on ICCS's College Planning Program, please contact Ashley Clark, Director of Guidance and College Counseling, at


 Extended School Program

More than just after-school care, ICCS's Extended School Program for pre-k through 8th-grade students is a continuation of classroom learning, designed to nurture students intellectually, socially and physically. Each day students enjoy a snack and participate in special activities including crafts and outside play.  Ample time is set aside for homework. Special activities, such as  a petting zoo or magic show, are scheduled each month. Students receive individualized attention from our professional ESP staff.   For more information about the ESP, please call 9901-725-2710.