Uniform/Dress Code

Students are expected to be in full uniform at all times on the ICCS campus. A student wearing any part of the ICCS high school uniform on campus must comply with all uniform requirements. The high school uniform is purchased through Dennis School Uniforms and consists of plaid skirt with white collared blouse, navy popover, white crew length or knee-high socks (no anklets or tube socks), and clean, polished saddle oxford shoes in a good state of repair, with white laces. Students arriving at school with inappropriate socks will rent a pair of socks for the day from the office. Skirt length may be no shorter than two inches above the floor measured when student is kneeling. Students who roll skirt waistbands to shorten the skirt will be assigned detention. Seniors only may wear the designated senior class polo shirt. T-shirts under the blouse/senior polo shirt must be white with no logo or writing, and no part of the tee shirt should extend from the sleeves or hem of the blouse/shirt. Students must wear appropriate undergarments of white or other neutral color. Any student changing for an after-school activity may not wear any item of the uniform, unless she chooses to wear the entire and complete uniform.

In cold weather, students may wear one of the school sweatshirts (gray or blue only.) Other colors of ICCS “spirit wear” are NOT acceptable as part of the uniform, and should not be worn during the school day. Students will be directed to take non-uniform sweaters or sweatshirts off, and return the items to their locker. Repeated violation will result in detention.

Students taking Physical Education classes must wear the PE uniform available through Dennis Uniforms. No other dress for PE classes is acceptable. Students out of uniform for PE on any given “dress out” day will receive a grade of “0” for the day’s activities.

In cold weather, students may wear black tights or black leggings (available through our uniform supplier) with white crew socks, the uniform long-sleeved navy sweater with the Mercy Cross logo (all new sweaters purchased from Parker will have the Mercy Cross). Students may also wear the uniform navy fleece jacket with Mercy Cross logo over the complete uniform. No other sweater or outer garment may be worn as part of the uniform. Sweat pants or pajama pants are not permitted on campus even outside of academic hours. All uniform items should be laundered, pressed, and in good repair at all times. Torn sweaters, skirts, blouses, or shoes must be mended or replaced; students who do not comply will be cited for a uniform violation.

Jewelry must be formal in design and nature. Only one necklace can be worn: a single cross, a religious medal, or a similar formal pendant on a chain. One ring on each hand is permitted; similarly, only one bracelet or watch on each wrist is permitted. Only one pair of formal earrings may be worn, only in the ears; small studs, and hoop or simple dangle earrings no larger than 1/2”, are acceptable.

Students may not have visible tattoos or any other writing, whether permanent or temporary, on their persons.

Extremes in make-up, hairstyle, hair color, and jewelry are not permitted at school or any school-sponsored activity. Hair accessories must be limited to one simple flat band of white, navy, black, or the IC plaid, and may not include any other ornament. Only natural hair colors are permitted, and students’ hair must be one uniform color throughout. Regarding nail polish: all nails on both hands must be the same, single color. Students may have the “French tip” manicure ,provided that the color chosen to go with the white tip is uniform on all nails. Body piercing, beyond a single piercing in each earlobe, is unacceptable. Gauges are also unacceptable.

At special designated occasions and all liturgies, full dress uniform is required: navy sweater (not the winter fleece) uniform blouse, uniform skirt, and appropriate socks and shoes. Seniors may not wear the “senior polo” shirts on liturgy days. It will be the student’s responsibility to be aware of these special events via the school’s daily announcements, web site, or calendar. Uniform violations for special assemblies or liturgies will subject the student to a detention; “I did not know about this” does not absolve the student of responsibility for knowing.

On designated out-of-uniform days, or at school dances, students must arrive appropriately dressed. The following will be considered non-compliant: any immodest garment (spaghetti strap, bare shoulder, halter, strapless, exposed midriff, or low cut tops), shorts of any kind, any garment with objectionable logo, any garment that is torn or otherwise not in good repair. For safety reasons, students may not wear flip flop shoes at any time. Student escorts at all school dances must arrive in jacket and tie.

Students must comply with uniform standards when on campus or when representing ICCS. All sports uniforms, whether for competition or practice, must be modest and appropriate.

Students who arrive at school out of compliance with uniform requirements will be directed to the administrative office to make arrangements for appropriate clothing to be brought from home, or will be offered appropriate uniform clothing when available through the office clothes closet of lost-and-found items. Time lost from class because of uniform violations will be noted as an “absence, unexcused.” Habitual uniform non-compliance will result in detention; upon the third detention for uniform non-compliance the student will be assigned ISS.

Dress code for ICCS dances is as follows: girls may not wear strapless dresses, backless dresses, or any dress cut in such a way as to expose cleavage or bare midriff. Dresses may not be shorter than fingertip length, and a street-length dress may not have a slit skirt. Floor length dresses may not have a slit higher than the knee. Males must attend in coat and tie (tuxedo is optional.) Students not dressed appropriately will be given a sweater to wear at the door, or will be asked to leave the dance.